On 2/26/14 at 1:57 p.m. several Madison Police Officers responded to a report of a vehicle crash in a parking lot in which the offending vehicle continued to try drive through another vehicle. 
When officers arrived on scene they found the suspect vehicle, driven by McGuire, continuing to drive into the victim vehicle.  The scene was obvious to the arriving officers as there were plumes of white smoke.  When the initial officer arrived, McGuire's car was still revving at a high speed, shreading the rubber of the tire, exposing the steel of the tires and causing damage to the asphalt. 
Officers learned that the innocent victim in this ordeal realized that if she moved her vehicle, that McGuire's vehicle as revved so hard could take off uncontrollably and either hit more cars or pedestrians. 
This was an odd scene for the officers to respond to as McGuire did not comply with officer commands to shut down the vehcile.  McGuire was eventually forced out of the vehicle, decentralized and taken into custody. 
It is fortunate that pedestrians were not hit, nor other vehicles damaged from this event.