UPDATED Friday, April 11, 2014 -- 10:05 p.m.


After what Fire and Police Commissioners call a long and rigorous search, the City of Madison has selected a new Police Chief.


Sergeant Mike Koval, who was previously in charge of department training and recruitment, will start his new job leading the department Monday, April 21, after returning from vacation.


Koval was one of two candidates that were most recently considered.


Gratitude and happiness are only a few ways to describe Kovals emotions at a meeting this afternoon.


"It's a very good organization, and frankly, I'm privileged to lead them," Koval said.


Koval describes himself as a "hands-on" kind of guy, explaining that it won't be unusual to see him riding along on regular patrols.


"I like to engage the people I with," he said.


Koval applied for the job 10 years ago when former Chief Noble Ray ended up getting the job.


"When this opportunity occasioned itself, I definitely wanted to try one more time."


Koval has two sons and a wife, who is a teacher in Madison.




Friday April 11, 2014


MADISON, Wis.---The Madison Police Dept. has a new Chief. Sgt. Mike Koval got the top job with the department late Friday afternoon. The Madison Board of Police and Fire Commissioners made the selection.


Koval was one of two finalists, both current MPD officers, named earlier this year. He will take over for retired Chief Noble Wray.


Randy Gaber had been the interim chief since Wray left the department in September.