The final print edition of The Onion in Madison hit newsstands Thursday.

The satirical paper was founded by UW-Madison students in 1988 but is now based in Chicago. Earlier this month Capital Newspapers announced poor ad sales prompted the change.

On the back page of the final issue, an appropriately exaggerated and sarcastic column calls for Madison residents to meet in Brittingham Park and in protest "overturn ever car, smash every window, tear out the roots of every tree, shoot out every streetlight... descend upon the Capitol and pull it apart with your bare hands."

"If print dies, then so shall the world," reads the article.

Despite the sarcasm, a group of Onion supporters and former staffers still gathered in the park.

"I saw the post go up today calling for burning down the city and as a former elected official I thought 'let's channel this into a positive thing,'" said Bridget Maniaci, a former A.V. Club photography intern. Maniaci organized the impromptu meetup on Facebook.

Among the other attendees was former graphic designer Scott Templeton who recalls long hours and a peculiar mixture of assignments when he worked there for 8 years beginning in 1994.

"It was still kind of what we consider the golden age of The Onion, the writers were still in town which was great because they were hilarious," said Templeton.

"I did a lot of porn ads, the Our Dumb Century, I got this amazing book that was a New York Times bestseller and then these super dirty ads, that's the range of what I got to do for The Onion."

In a nod to the article's call to burn down the city, Onion supports grilled a few of the final pages in the park.