11/19/2013 UPDATE:

HUSTISFORD, Wis. (AP) _ The National Weather Service has determined straight-line winds, not a tornado, caused storm damage in southern Wisconsin.

Meteorologists on Monday looked at damage near Hustisford, in Dodge County, and Allenton and Boltonville, in Washington County.

The weather service says most of the damage happened in a uniform direction with little or no evidence of twisting or swirling.

In Hustisford, winds estimated at 100 mph caused an equipment building to collapse, snapped a wooden power pole in half and blew down about a dozen trees.

High winds took off part of a roof in Allenton. A silo collapsed on a barn about two miles west of Boltonville, killing 12 cattle.

The unusually powerful late-season storms brought damaging winds and tornadoes to 12 states Sunday.



HUTISFORD, Wis. (AP) _ Strong winds have damaged some buildings and downed numerous trees in Dodge County.

Emergency management officials say the damaged structures include cattle sheds, garages and storage sheds. One photo of damage showed cattle standing amid twisted metal that was once their shelter.

Dodge County Emergency Management Director Joseph Meagher says in a statement there have been no early reports of significant damage to houses. There were no reports of injuries.

County officials are working with the National Weather Service to determine what type of wind caused the damage Sunday morning.

Severe storms moved through southern Wisconsin counties Sunday, and much of the area was under a tornado watch from around 8:45 a.m. until just before 2 in the afternoon.