The Most Popular Soda In America Is...

posted by Matt -

Whether you call it soda, pop, coke, or something else, there's no doubt about it...we drink a lot of soda in the U.S.A.

Ranker has done a poll of the most popular sodas in the United States, and the Top 10 may surprise you:

1. Coca-Cola

2. Dr. Pepper

3. Sprite

4. Mountain Dew

5. A&W Root Beer

6. 7-Up

7. Orange Crush

8. Cherry Coke

9. Canada Dry Ginger Ale

10. Pepsi

The biggest shocker for me was Diet Coke not making the Top 10. I assumed it would be #1, but you'll find it all the way at

There's some other surprises on the list, and you can see the whole rankings here!



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