Matt's Chicago Weekend In Pictures!

I've always wanted to see a ball game at Wrigley Field, just to say I've been there. I got to do just that this weekend. I met a couple of friends down in Chicago and took in as much as I could in 2 days. It was so much fun!

I drove to Milwaukee and hopped a train down to meet my friends there. We headed straight to Wrigleyville, and got some pizza at Sluggers. Then it was time to head to the game!

The Cubs were hosting the Yankees, and my friend Luke is a huge Yankees fan. I just wore my Royals cap, because why not? 

Getting to see Wrigley in person was amazing for a baseball-aholic like me. We had a great view from our seats too! 

The Cubs ended up getting spanked by the Yanks, but I got a couple of great stories out of this other than just getting to see a game at Wrigley Field. First, this was probably one of the coldest baseball games I've ever been to. EVERYONE was bundled up. 

Next, the woman next to me got sick and threw up on the ground. I didn't even notice, she just got up abruptly and made for the aisle. I noticed something on her hand, but didn't think anything of it...maybe she spilled something (yeah, the contents of her stomach)! That's when I looked down and saw the pile about a foot and a half away from my feet. After she's gone, her boyfriend starts apologizing to us all. No big deal, it happens. He says "Maybe she shouldn't have had all those tallboys before the game..." Yep, probably. The couple sitting behind me hands him a paper tray to cover it up, and he decides to scrape it down to the row below us! EWW. I hope the woman sitting there didn't have her purse or anything under her seat. This guy had to have lost MAJOR boyfriend points too, because the woman was gone for a very long time and he didn't go check on her. It was almost to the point where I was gonna ask him "Hey, is your friend okay," but she ended up coming back before then. They stayed for pretty much the rest of the game, falling asleep in their seats. WHY NOT JUST GO HOME?

The other story involved the couple behind us. The seemed like very passionate Cubs fans, and the woman was very vocal. Listening to what she was saying, I could tell they loved their Cubs, but didn't really know that much about baseball. All good. This was confirmed when I was talking to them. I brought up something that I thought would be fairly general knowledge for a Cubs fan: Kyle Schwarber landing a home run ball on top of the scoreboard (it was in the playoffs 2 years ago). I got a deer in headlights look from them. They commented how a lot of fans had left the game already, and that they were DEVOTED, and always stayed to the end of the game. I happened to look up in the Top of the 9th, and noticed they had left. My buddy said "I guess they weren't all that devoted."

Sunday morning, we took in some sights around Chicago, and headed to the famous Cloud Gate, or "The Bean." I took the obligatory "Bean" mirror selfie.

We walked around Lake Michigan for a bit too. That's Navy Pier in the background. 

After that we headed to the Hancock Building, and had a drink in their lounge on the 96th Floor. What a view!!!

We grabbed some Portillo's on the way out of town, and I enjoyed an Italian Beef on the train ride back to Milwaukee. What a fantastic weekend!

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