This Madison Couple's Engagement Is SO DANG CUTE!

You see cute engagement videos getting shared all the time, but one of the cutest ever happened right here in MadTown!

Both Chris and Kelli Mae live in Madison, and they're both huge Brett Young fans. They were thrilled when they got to meet him at our Class of 2017 show in January. Kelli tells me that the first time she heard Brett's song "Olivia Mae," she dreamed of being proposed to with that song. 

Looks like Chris thought the same thing, because that's EXACTLY what he did when he proposed to Kelli, changing "Olivia Mae" to "Kelli Mae," and serenading her while popping the question. I'm so glad someone was recording this!

Oh, happy tears!!!

Nice pipes, Chris! Good on you for holding it together, because I wouldn't have been able to do that when I proposed to my wife! My voice would have been wavering with emotion!

Congratulations to you both, Kelli Mae and Chris. Good luck, and thank you so much for sharing your story, Kelli!

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