The 100 Best Burgers In The USA

Thrillist made a comprehensive ranking of the best burgers in the USA, and 3 Wisconsin restaurants made the list!

All 3 are in Milwaukee, so it's just a short drive to try one of these tasty burgers. I'm gonna have to!

Out of 100, they ranked at:

89. Cheeseburger - Solly's Grill - Milwaukee

70. Jumbo Cheeseburger - Nite Owl Ice Cream Parlour - Milwaukee

33. Double Cheeseburger With The Works - Kopp's Frozen Custard - Milwaukee

Have you had any of these before? 

2 of the best burgers are from my hometown, Kansas City, including the #15 pick from Town Topic. Their burgers are awesome, it's a hot spot for late night eats in KC too. They even do breakfast in the morning, but the Town Topic burger and fries can't be beat. 

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