Suicide Prevention Presentation by Constance Walker

Saturday, April 14 from 1PM to 3PM

Cranefield's VFW Post 1318 (133 E Lakeside Street, Madison, WI)

Join Rolling Thunder® Wisconsin Chapter 5, VFW Post 1318 and Cpt. Constance Walker for a FREE Suicide prevention seminar: After War – the long view for Vets and Families, and QPR: Question, Persuade, and Refer Suicide Intervention Training.

Nearly 3 million men and women have served in our wars in Iraq, Afghanistan or both, with some deploying to war as many as 11 times. The toll of multiple deployments and the cumulative effects of war can be life-altering physical injuries and illnesses, as well as psychiatric injury and mental health disorders. What do we need to know? What can we do to help? With the aid of a suicide intervention and prevention technique known as QPR –Question, Persuade, and Refer – we can start a conversation with a Veteran or family member who may be indistress and need help – but isn’t talking about it.

Presenter bio: Connie Walker retired from the Navy as a Captain in 2005. Her advocacy on behalf of veterans and families focuses ondiagnosis, treatment, cultural competency, and access-to-care challenges facing veterans in rural and frontier areasnationwide; and veterans who are not eligible for or opt out of VA health care. Federal, state, and regional audienceshave included VA Transition Patient Advocates at the National Institute of Mental Health; faculty and staff in the UWSystem and University of Maryland; first responders for mental health Crisis Intervention Teams in Wisconsin andMaryland; and pastoral leaders throughout the Central-South Central Synod of Wisconsin. Connie is a trained andcertified presenter for two nationally recognized mental health Evidence Based Practices: Question, Persuade, Refer(QPR) Suicide Intervention Gatekeeper Training, and NAMI’s Family-to Family Psychoeducation Program.

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