Ridder's Son Has Begun Having Hilarious Meltdowns

Every parent has gone through the phase with their kids when they throw tantrums for the littlest things, Reddit had a great thread on the topic the other day which lead to a great Buzzfeed article about it.

Ridder's son Jackson lately has been obsessed with the TV remote. He doesn't do anything with it other than carry it around. The problem has been when you need to take the remote away he loses it. It's gotten to the point that Ridder and his wife have ordered a new TV remote and let him have the old one as a toy. (no batteries).

Jackson's other obsession is veggie straws after his nap. The other day while running around with a few in his hand he tripped and fell crushing them. Begin unreasonable meltdown.

Most parents know their kids are often unreasonable, and can throw a tantrum for absolutely no reason, often in the worst possible locations. Here's some of the funniest and most ridiculous reasons parents say their kids’ have melted down.

  • “My toddler lost it because the imaginary door on his imaginary fire truck wouldn’t open, and he was stuck inside."
  • “Our daughter cried because she didn't get to go to her parents' wedding — seven years before she was born."
  • “From the backseat my enraged toddler sobbed, 'He's looking out my window!' He was mad because his brother was looking out of 'his' window instead of the other one."
  • "My 2-year-old son heard my wife crumple up a receipt and for the next hour lost his mind that we had a cookie we were holding out on him. No amount of explaining could fix the situation."
  • “My kid screamed at his balloons for an hour because they wouldn't stop floating."
  • “My son wanted me to wrap him like a burrito for bed. I did, but he was upset that I wrapped him like a bean burrito, crying, 'I want to be a chicken and rice burrito!'"
  • “They wanted another chicken nugget, so I gave them another chicken nugget. Breakdown."
  • "Kiddo flipped out because the cat cheated in a game they were playing."
  • “My daughter lost it because she wanted a twin sister (she has a twin sister)."
  • “My toddler loves being tickled, so I was tickling him one day. He let out a huge fart and immediately started crying and screaming. I asked him why he was screaming and he replied, 'I was saving that for later.'"

Tell us this is the face of a kid that would lose it for no reason?

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