Wisconsin's Most Popular Sandwich... Is It Actually A Sandwich?

Who doesn't love a good ol' sammich? You really can’t go wrong with a sandwich and there are so many options to choose from. Ham, roast beef, turkey, the club. We all have our personal favorites. For me growing up German in Wisconsin there's nothing like a good summer sausage with mustard sandwich. Or how about the liver sausage and onion sandwich, it's an acquired taste.

Well ezCater just came out with their list of the most iconic sammies in each state.

These are their state-by-state picks:

(Check out the full list here)

  • California: French Dip sandwich
  • Connecticut: Connecticut lobster roll
  • Florida: Cuban sandwich
  • Georgia: Pimento cheese sandwich
  • Illinois: Italian beef sandwich
  • Indiana: Fried pork tenderloin sandwich
  • Louisiana: Muffuletta
  • Maryland: Crab cake sandwich
  • Minnesota: Juicy Lucy
  • New York: Pastrami on rye
  • North Carolina: Pulled pork sandwich
  • Wisconsin: Bratwurst

Wait... is a Brat a sandwich????

Now a days I have a small stable of sandwiches that I enjoy. I'm still a sucka for that summer sausage sandwich but I love me a good ol' ham and pimento cheese, shrimp po boy or my favorite sandwich I've ever eaten... Le Pig Mac at Cochon Butcher in New Orleans. (Hint: The also just opened a Cochon Butcher in Nashville, incase you're ever on a trip and want to have the greatest sandwich ever created. Picture posted below)

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