Bobby Bones Rode With The Blue Angels

Bobby Bones had one of the craziest days of his life when he flew with the Blue Angels in one of their fighter jets yesterday.  

He wasn’t able to talk about it until after it happened for security reasons. But now he can share what happened! He went after yesterday's show, and the squad leader of the unit did a briefing on what was going to happen once he got on the jet. He explained what certain things on the jet were, what he can and cannot touch, and emphasized to not touch anything that is black and yellow.  

They then talked through the protocol in case something happened, and he had to inject. He was scared he’d accidentally hit the button, but they explained it actually takes 45 pounds of pressure to pull up and inject. Bones does not like heights or flying, so he was scared, but didn’t let it show. Right before they went up, they had to teach him how to push his body, because the faster it goes the more pressure it is on your body. When they took off, it went straight up in the air so fast it caused him to get a little blurry. When they got to the top they started doing barrel rolls and flew upside down.  

He knew the pilot was one of the greatest in the world, so he was able to separate his fear of flying and try to have a good time. He was holding on so hard to the handles, and he wanted to scream, but he was embarrassed because he was connected to a headset and being filmed. They were in the air for 45 minutes when the pilot went at the fastest level. It was so fast and there was so much pressure he almost blacked out and couldn’t see anything.  Afterwards he was sick for a few hours and said it was the hardest thing his body had ever been through, but it was amazing, and he would do it again!  

Bones shared photos of his experience on his Instagram that you can check out here!  

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