#457 - Drew Baldridge on Playing 300 Backyards + Everyone Being Against Him

Drew Baldridge (@Drewbaldridgemusic) joined Bobby Bones to talk about the ups and downs of his career that helped him find success. Drew grew up on a farm in Illinois and had a college scholarship to play baseball, when a Josh Turner concert made him realize his music dreams. He recalled turning down the scholarship and moving to Nashville to start writing music, and the full circle moment he had when he played The Grand Ole Opry and Josh Turner came out. He also reflects on losing his record deal in 2020 and getting creative on finding ways for people to hear his music. Which led to him going viral on TikTok and playing in 300 people's backyards. Drew also shares how he felt like everyone was against him and how he started his own record label and is managing himself. He also talks about the newfound success his song "She's Somebody's Daughter" is having and more!  

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