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2017's Hardest-Working Cities, See Where Madison Ranks

(Photo credit: Sarah Kleeman)

In a recent study from WalletHub, Americans work so hard we put in more hours at our jobs than some other industrialized countries such as Germany, Japan and the UK.

Some U.S. cities have stronger work ethics than others and in WalletHub's analysis, they compared 116 of the largest cities across 6 metrics from "labor-force participation rate," "average weekly work hours," to "share of workers with multiple jobs."

These were the Top 10 cities:

Anchorage, AK

Plano, TX

Cheyenne, WY

Virginia Beach, VA

Irving, TX

Scottsdale, AZ

San Francisco, CA

Corpus Christi, TX

Washington, DC

Sioux Falls, SD

Since we didn't make the top 10, where do we stand? Well--Madison, WI ranks at 99 while Milwaukee ranks at 97. I thought we would've been at a higher rank!

Click here to get a better look at the results.

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