6 Foods That Give You Body Odor

If your deodorant isn't getting you through the day, your diet might be to blame. Six foods can contribute to your body odor.... unfortunately, I reallyyy like everything on this list. 

6 Foods That Give You Body Odor:

  1. Red meat. It's hard to digest and leaves residue behind in your digestive tract, which mixes with bacteria and comes out in your sweat.
  2. Alcohol. Most of it is metabolized by your liver but a tiny amount comes out in your sweat.
  3. Fish. It can make SOME people smell bad. There's a metabolic disorder called "fish odor syndrome" where it makes your sweat fishy.
  4. Broccoli and asparagus. They are good for you, so don't stop eating them. If they make you smell bad, try cooking them in boiling water instead of steaming them.
  5. Garlic. This is a given... It has a sulfuric compound called allicin. It's not necessarily a bad smell though. A few studies say that some people are actually turned on by it.
  6. Coffee. It might not make you smell worse on its own. But stimulants like caffeine make you sweat more. So you could end up sweating out more of those OTHER odors.

Let's hope my deodorant never fails me... 


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