10 Ways To Help the Land and Lake in Madison Area

The Clean Lakes Alliance is helping Greater Madison residents take simple actions to help the land and the lakes. These actions require little time and money, but can result in a big impact.

In Dane County, there are just over 138,000 single-family homes. Clean Lakes Alliance is hoping each home can do a couple of the following listed items:

  1. Plant Native & Diverse Vegetation – deep rooted native plants will absorb water, hold topsoil in during rain events, and provide habitat for songbirds & butterflies
  2. Create a Rain Garden – these gardens will capture harmful runoff, and provide biodiversity for butterflies and bees
  3. Redirect Downspouts – making sure downspouts are pointed towards lawns and not driveways will reduce storm water runoff to the lakes and provide water for lawns
  4. Pick Up Pet Waste & Litter – removing pet waste will reduce potential E. coli pollution and picking up ANY litter on a walk will beautify public spaces
  5. Start Home Composting – food trash and yard waste can turn into nutrient-rich soil that can be used in gardens, planters, or rain gardens
  6. Install a Rain Barrel – if every home in Dane County installed one rain barrel, it would keep 7.5 million gallons of water out of the storm sewers each rain event
  7. Plant Home Food Gardens – besides providing food, these gardens also help infiltrate storm water
  8. Rake for Leaf-Free Streets – raking phosphorus-rich leaves out of the street will help fertilize lawns and not the lakes when it rains
  9. Reduce Salt Use – shoveling, sand, or limiting salt use can help aquatic plants, which suffer when salt runs into the lakes
  10. Inspire a Friend or Neighbor – The more actions people take, the more our community can help the land and lakes

People are encouraged to log onto cleanlakesalliance.org/topten and click the blue survey link near the top of the page to share photos and report their projects. Get more info here.

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

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