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Send DeForest Woman a Birthday Card for Her 90th

I always love these stories! This time it's LOCAL.

96.3 Star Country listener, Kelli, reached out to me on Instagram to get the word out! Her "Grandma Bev" turns 90 on September 17th and is asking for 90 cards for her 90th birthday.

As you all know, my Grandma Ben is one of my idols. She has taught me so much. How to love, to listen before reacting, and to find th absolute best in everyone. She also taught me that you can finish a box of wine in a night if you put your mind to it. :)
This lovely lady turns 90 on September 17th. We always have a party for her and get the family together for dinner, usually Red Lobster. To show you how selfless of a person she is, it took her 10 years to finally admit to us that she doesn't like Red Lobster, but chooses that every year because it makes her family so happy. I am so sad we cannot do any of those things this year to celebrate her. Recently while talking to her about her birthday she stated she wished she could get 90 cards for her 90th birthday. So that's what you all come in. Let's get her 90 cards for her birthday!

If you want to wish "Grandma Bev" a "happy birthday," send a card to:

Grandma Sperry or Beverly Sperry

117 Seminole Way

DeForest, WI 53532

(Photo credit: Kelli Notaro / @knotaro19 Instagram)

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