10+ Jobs That Unexpectedly Pay Well

Thanks to BuzzFeed and a Reddit user - I came across this list of jobs that aren't very glamorous but pay pretty well.

  1. Poop patrol workers in San Francisco ($71,000+)
  2. A closed caption broadcaster for the news (up to $72,000)
  3. Garbage collectors in New York ($100,000+)
  4. An In-N-Out Manager (up to $160,000)
  5. Technical writer ($100,000+)
  6. A librarian for the federal government ($100,000+)
  7. A funeral director ($75,000+)
  8. A court reporter ($100,000+)
  9. An aircraft dispatcher ($100,000+)
  10. A boiler operator ($35+/hour)

BuzzFeed had listed more, but these were some of the ones I thought were interesting... What other jobs would you add to this list?

Toe Tag in the Morgue

Toe Tag in the Morgue

(Photo credit: Getty Images)