DIY Tailgate Game

My friend and I wanted to have a "DIY Day" earlier this year... and I didn't have anything I specifically wanted to make for my apartment. Naturally, I went on Pinterest to get some inspiration and found a bags (or "cornhole") game that I wanted to take up a notch. Figured it'd be a great backyard/tailgate game.

It doesn't have an official name. I don't have official rules for it either... or how to actually win. That's where I'm hoping YOU can help!

Here's what everything means:

  • "YOU" means you give a drink
  • "SHOTGUN" means what it means...
  • "ME" means you take a drink
  • "CHEERS" means everyone takes a drink
  • "RULE" means someone makes up a rule for the game. These rules apply for the duration of the entire game
  • "CHUG" means chug the rest of your drink
  • "SWAP" means swap partners

This was my quarantine project. I was hoping - in May - that I would be able to bring these boards to a tailgate party this fall.

I'll take any and every suggestion you have about the name, rules, how to win, etc.