Wisconsin Announces More Groups Approved for COVID-19 Vaccine

Wisconsin Health officials announced in a press release this morning the next groups eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine starting March 1.

The groups that will qualify include the following:

  • Education and child care
    • All staff in regulated child care, public and private school programs, out-of-school time programs, virtual
    • All staff in Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA
    • All staff in preschool and Head Start through K-12 education settings
    • Faculty and staff in higher education settings who have direct student contact
  • Medical and long-term care
    • IRIS
    • Family Care
    • Katie Beckett and Children's Long Term Care Wavier, when the member's age allows them to qualify for the vaccine
  • Public-facing essential workers
    • 911 operators
    • Utility and communications infrastructure
    • Public transit
    • Food supply chain
  • Non-frontline health care workers
    • Staff who perform essential roles within health care organizations by maintaining cyber security; perform cleaning functions; scheduling, critical HVAC functions, health care critical supply chain functions
  • Congregate living
    • Employer-based
    • Housing serving the elderly people or disabilities
    • Shelters for those who are homeless or in need of refuge
    • Transitional housing
    • Incarcerated individuals
  • Mink farmers

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(Photo credit: Getty Images)