Survey: The Most Popular Beer Brands in America

It's no secret that America loves beer, especially Wisconsin...

Craft beers usually get a lot of praise from beer connoisseurs but most people are perfectly happy with a can or bottle of your everyday store-bought brand, myself included. So which brands are the most popular?

YouGov recently asked Americans to pick and their favorite from a list of 75 popular brands and here's what the top ten looked like:

  1. Guinness
  2. Heineken
  3. Corona Extra
  4. Samuel Adams
  5. Budweiser
  6. Blue Moon
  7. Coors
  8. Modelo
  9. Miller High Life
  10. Stella Artois

I am very surprised to see that Guinness was number one, followed by Heineken! I figured Coors would be higher as well... I feel like if we did this survey in Wisconsin it would show Miller Lite, Coors, Bud Light, and Busch Light at the top.

(Photo credit: Getty Images)