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Life Hacks People Swear By That Seem Fake

Life hacks are meant to make our lives easier but sometimes social media makes it seem a little far out there. Many times, the life hack doesn't work at all.

A Reddit user recently asked people "what is a life hack that seems fake, but is a true lifesaver?" A lot of people chimed in!

Here are some of the life hacks people swear by:

  • "If you're having trouble staying awake in class / at a meeting, see how long you can keep one of your feet lifted slightly off the ground."
  • "I have a bad habit of falling asleep on long drives. Finally discovered that eating sunflower seeds kept me wide awake. Life changing / life saving."
  • "During pollen season... rinse your hair before bed. Otherwise you're just depositing pollen on your pillowcase every night and then rolling your face in it, all night."
  • "Rubbing vegetable oil (or any cooking oil) on your hands after you cut up jalapenos or other hot peppers gets rid of the awfulness that would normally be left on your hands from the peppers."
  • "That rubbing alcohol removes chewing gum."
  • "If your ring gets stuck on your finger, Windex will slide it right off. Worked at a jewelry store for five plus years."
  • "Smell is closely associated with memory. If you're studying for an exam, but an odd scented eraser (like pickle scent). Every time you try to memorize something, take a sniff. Take that eraser to the test and sniff it when you're having trouble remembering an answer."

What life hack do you swear by?!

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