Most Dogs and Their Owners Suffer From Separation Anxiety

woman hugging her beloved big white dog. Animal communication concept

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Thanks to working from home for the past year and a half, our dogs have gotten used to us being home all time. A new survey finds that 47% of dog owners admit they feel some separation anxiety when they aren't with their pups. Most dog owners will only be away from their dog for an average of nine days and during a typical day, they'd leave them alone about 6.7 hours.

Of course owners aren't alone in this...

According to this survey, 76% of owners insist their pets suffer from separation anxiety when they are not home. How do they show their separation anxiety? 50% of people say their dogs park and make noises. 25% of people say they come home to accidents in the house. 25% people say their dog will destroy some sort of property in their house.

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