Furry Fridays with Chelsey 6-4-21

This week I want you to meet Foxy and Nash for Furry Fridays with Chelsey powered by Legacy Exteriors.


Nash is an adorable little guy who loves going on walks in the neighborhood and the dog park. He is very loyal, loves playing chase, especially being chased by humans. He does a very cute nose bump on the leg when he wants to play. He loves his chest scratched and would pull your hand and direct it to his chest. He loves treats and playing with treats and toy puzzles. He is a little shy and cautious at first and is looking for a home with an owner who is willing to help him overcome his protective behavior. He is not very fond of kids and would like a home that doesn't have kids around.

Apply for Nash at brownpawsrescue.com.


Foxglove / Mama Foxy / Foxy is such a special girl who is looking for her people to love. She is guessed to between 1-2 years old. A Black Mouth Cur hound shepherd mix? She was found on the streets of Oklahoma pregnant and eating garbage. She was brought up to WI and had her pups and was a great mama. The pups have all been adopted. She was taken into a 2nd foster home to learn to be a dog with a pack. She had some potty issues since she was used to being around puppy pads but now she knows knows what outside is. She has been there for about a month which is longer than usual for a foster. Foxy gets along with dogs of all ages and sizes. She is submissive but very playful and absolutely loves toys. She loves her hard chew toy/bones the most! She can be timid at first but once she warms up she won’t leave your side. She loves to snuggle. She’s been used to having a fenced in yard which she loves exploring and being outside. She loves car rides and going to the dog park. She was afraid of ceiling fans and vacuums but that fear has faded away. She does have allergies (itches) which she hasn’t been tested for. It could be food or seasonal. Medication has helped tremendously. She does love her kennel but doesn’t have to be locked in it during the day. It’s more for her comfort and not a necessity. Her foster mama loves her so much but wants her to find her furever home so they can help more dogs. Foxy is the sweetest and will welcome you home with so much love, excitement, and tail wagging. 

To apply for Foxy go to brownpawsrescue.com.

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