Furry Fridays with Chelsey + Pixie

This week I want you to meet Pixie for Furry Fridays with Chelsey powered by Legacy Exteriors. Check out her bio below from Brown Paws Dog Rescue!


Hi everyone! Allow me to introduce myself! I’m Pixie and I’m here to let you marvel in my glory. You may have seen that I’m on the more mature side of the age spectrum, but a true southern woman never reveals her age. And really, who are we kidding? There’s nothing wrong with being an older dog! It just means I know what I want and I’ve got the wits to prove it! 

I am a big fan of soft blankets and claiming my rightful spot in bed. I am completely fine being left alone during the day and will show you so much love when you get home from work. But I expect you to do the same, I am fabulous after all! I don’t mind other dogs as long as they don’t get in my face, but I also don’t mind being the only dog around either. I enjoy dressing up and showing off my stylish self! I am sometimes particular about food, but it’s nothing crazy. I just prefer my food a little softer. I told you, I know what I want! 

After all that hard work during the day, don’t you just want a friend to snuggle up to? I can be that girl for you!

CLICK HERE to submit an application for Pixie at Brown Paws Dog Rescue.

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