PBR is Releasing a 'Stronger Seltzer'

Spiked/Hard Seltzers are the drink of the summer. Go to any bar, lake bar and you'll see a bunch of people drinking a spiked/hard seltzer drink. Just as Summer is coming to an end, Pabst Blue Ribbon is keeping it alive!

PBR is releasing what they call, 'Stronger Seltzer,' according to Thrillist. Most hard seltzers have a 4.5%-5% ABV, and PBR's Stronger Seltzer has a 8% ABV. The article also states that PBR isn't specifically catering to the seltzer crowd. But the Stronger Seltzer has 228 calories, which is double what the other seltzers have.

Here's the unfortunate part of all this. These seltzers will be only available in select markets for testing starting today. Those test markets include Arizona, California, Montana, and Texas.

Story and Photo: Thrillist



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