Joy Week: My Anniversary Surprise For My Wife

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It's Joy Week on The Bobby Bones Show, and it's all about spreading joy wherever you can.

I thought I would share with you the surprise gift I gave my wife for our wedding anniversary yesterday. That seems to be spreading joy to not just my wife, but my co-workers who heard about it.

We celebrated our 7th anniversary of our wedding, which we had in San Diego. Neither of us are from there, but both the people who would be our Best Man and Maid of Honor happened to live there at the time. So we decided to have a destination wedding THERE! We rented a huge vacation house, invited the immediate family, and got married in the back yard of the house. We spent our honeymoon in SoCal, driving up to L.A. for a few days too. 

For my wife's anniversary gift, I decided to stage a "Mad-Town" style re-enactment of our wedding week (minus the wedding). 

She came home to this. She had a sunflower bouquet at our wedding, so I always get her sunflowers every anniversary. 

First things first, I wanted to get the soundtrack right. When we were in San Diego, we listened to Channel 933 a lot (one of our sister iHeart stations), which is a Top 40 station. I was working in pop radio at the time, so that's pretty much all I listened to then. I made a playlist that features all the songs we heard on that station back in October 2011. Maroon 5, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Rihanna, LMFAO. 

Here's the thing. It's not just the music. I made this SOUND like the actual radio station. Voice over guy between songs, a DJ talking about things in San Diego back then, and even a fake commercial break. You'd think I'd just recorded the station back then. Not the case, I made this all up in the Star Country studio! Take a listen, it's around 40 min long to cover our commute last night.

I wanted to take Danielle to see a sunset over the water. Back in San Diego, we saw one over the Pacific Ocean, and it was wonderful. Here's what that looked like.

Well, Lake Mendota had to stand in, so we did that. 

We took sunset selfies back then, and yesterday as well. 

The house we got married in in San Diego was on Hickory Street. 2370 Hickory Street to be exact. 

Well, that address doesn't exist in Madison, but we DO have a Hickory Street, and it's just south of Monona Bay. So on our way to James Madison Park to watch the sunset, we took a drive down Hickory Street. 

Next, I wanted to take some pictures on the beach, as we did in our official wedding photos. Since the lakes are so high, the beach at James Madison park is gone right now, so I'll just show you a couple pics from our wedding album. 

We had quite a bit of Mexican food in San Diego, and it was DELICIOUS. In fact, our rehearsal dinner was at a Mexican restaurant in Old Town San Diego, our wedding dinner was Mexican food (from somewhere else), I ran to get Danielle tacos at Jack In The Box on our wedding day because she didn't have time to leave her wedding prep, and we also met a friend of mine in L.A. at a Mexican restaurant. 

That said, I needed to make sure that's what we ate last night, so we got dinner at Blue Agave Restaurant and Lounge. It was also VERY delicious. Try the pineapple guacamole!

As you can see, I wanted to get small details right. This last thing is very small, but very memorable, and it takes some backstory:

When we went to L.A., we stayed in a boutique hotel in West Hollywood called The Mondrian. We don't normally stay in posh spots like this, but it was our honeymoon, and we had a Groupon, so we went for it. The room was nice, but the decor was, well, interesting. Specifically, there was this black plastic hand sitting on the coffee table. It was very strange. I don't have a picture of it, but if you click this here, you can see what I'm talking about. 

That weird hand was VERY memorable, for the wrong reasons, but I thought to include it to cap off the details of the re-enactment. So I did. Made it from a plastic glove filled with flour. I plopped it on the table at dinner. It took Danielle a few seconds to remember, but as soon as it hit her, she CRACKED UP. Exactly the reaction I was hoping for!

Although it didn't stay there long, as she said it was creeping her out. 

All in all, my wife really enjoyed our night out. That's all I wanted. Take something as simple as a date night and make it extra special. 

Question is: now what the hell am I gonna do next year to top that?



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