I Went To Lambeau Field For The First Time!

If know me, then you know sports are big part of my life. I play them, I watch them. Video games, fantasy sports, sports talk radio. They're not everything to me, but I invest a lot of time in sports. My year revolves around them: baseball, football, college basketball/March Madness, etc. 

It's not a serious hobby, but a hobby nonetheless, that I like seeing games at different stadiums. Kauffman Stadium (home of the KC Royals) is my favorite place on Earth. Arrowhead Stadium, the KC Chiefs home, is amazing as well. 

I've also been to:

-Miller Park

-Target Field (Minnesota Twins)

-Yankee Stadium

-Citi Field (NY Mets)

-Rodgers Centre (Toronto Blue Jays)

-Oriole Park at Camden Yards

-Wrigley Field

-New Era Field (Buffalo Bills, formerly Ralph Wilson Stadium..THE RALPH!)

But this past weekend, I got to check a legendary stadium off the list: Lambeau Field!

Always wanted to see a game there, and finally got my wish. 

Let me just tell you, I was absolutely SPOILED on my first trip to "the frozen tundra." My boss here at 96.3 Star Country gave me some tickets, and they turned out to be in the Miller Lite Lounge, a club level spot with free food and drinks. Dang. Not to mention an entire indoor area, climate controlled. When we wanted to warm up, we just headed inside for a few minutes. See what I'm talking about...spoiled!

I should also mention that due to stories I'd heard about traffic, I expected us to get back pretty late. Not the case. My friend found an alternate route back, and we bypassed ALL stadium traffic, there and back to Madison. He told me that that NEVER happens. We didn't spend a minute in stop-n-go gridlock. 

What's not to love about Lambeau Field? 

The fans are passionate and loud, the tailgating culture, the staggering history of the place, and it's pretty easy to find your way around. The Atrium was a really nice touch, and we also went up on the roof of the south endzone. What a view on top of the stadium. You could see downtown Green Bay, the bay itself, and more. Plus, they had some skydivers parachute in at halftime, when we were up there, and it was a really fun perspective from the roof top. 

The only minor, and I mean super minor complaint I had was some jokers tried to start "The Wave" in the 1st Quarter. Come on, get outta here with that. Can't stand "The Wave!" It's only 10 minutes into the game, and your attention span's already gone? Rest assured, this small incident did nothing to sully my experience at Lambeau. 

Another thing I noticed that was weird to me was that there seemed to be many people in my lounge who never left the indoor section. Just hung out inside and watched the TV's. That is odd to me. I'm there to watch the game, and I dressed for the cold weather. I spent a majority of the time in my seat outside, actually taking everything in! Why spend all that money on those tickets if you're just gonna watch the game indoors on a TV? Just stay home if you wanna do that, ya know?

Had a funny moment in the lounge too, as I came across a guy decked out in Chiefs gear. I stopped him to talk, say that I'm a Chiefs fan too, and showed him the Chiefs shirt I had on under my Packers one. Asked him if he was also from KC, to which he replied "no." So I asked him how he became a Chiefs fan.

He looked almost confused, and said "It's kind of a long story. I mean, I guess it's not that long. Maybe would take 5 minutes to tell."

Something about him just seems a little off, but I chuckle and tell him he doesn't have to tell the story if he doesn't want to, but I'll listen if he does. He contemplates that for a few moments, and then says "You know, I won't. Next time you see me, ask me again. Sorry man, I''m just REALLY HIIIIIGH right now."

I crack up, tell him that it's all good, and carry on. I can appreciate his honesty. 

My wife really wants to go to Lambeau at some point too, but it just didn't work out for her to go with me this time, but we'll make it back at some point.

While there, I found myself wanting a beer. I don't drink, but I felt like I needed one. So I grabbed a brat, a High Life, and sat down in my seat.

There I was, watching the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field, in the cold, with a beer in one hand, and a brat in the other. 

Something about that whole situation just felt right...I felt like a real Wisconsinite. 




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