Woman Calls Police to Report "Junk" Meth She Bought

When making returns this holiday season... remember the police aren't accepting returns on your bad drugs! This woman in Florida found out. #MoronMonday

According to The Smoking Gun, Beth Ann Franchak, 52, called police to report some bad methamphetamine that she had purchased. She asked for a deputy to come get the drugs, because they just weren't up to her standard.

Police reports say when the sheriff’s deputy in St. Pete beach arrived, Franchak handed him a baggie of meth and said it was "junk" and that she wanted to turn it over to police. The deputy did accept the return, but also put handcuffs on her for possession. Who knew that the local police didn't have a Yelp review department for bad drugs?

The $20.00 bag of "junk" meth costed her $2K in bail money. So just keep in mind, the police aren't Wal-mart. They'll accept your return, but it'll probably cost ya.