Bride Ambushes Fiance' At Work And Demands Wedding

Talk about high pressure, this bride-to-be put on the dress, called all her bridesmaid, and preacher... then showed up at her fiance's work.

The video of the ambush wedding is going viral. Target shopper Ashley Domingues, 37, posted to TikTok the shocking scenario, as the unsuspecting man was told "we're getting married right now, or I'm leaving." He was just trying to stock shelves, that's a lot to take in out of nowhere.

Ashley wrote, "the best part of my week...watched this woman hunter her man down that works at Target".

The couple hasn't been identified, but it all went down in a Henderson, Nevada Target.

The angry Bridezilla was tired of waiting and exclaimed, “You put this ring on my finger two years ago...It’s time to do it or get out.”

The shocked Target employee said, '"can we talk about this outside?", before the video cuts off. Sorry, we're not sure if there was a happy ending or not. I'd say this guy needs to run for the hills NOW! That is some of the craziest ish I've seen in years. No one should be pressured into that commitment. That's a horrible start to a marriage.